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*presenting author
P1 A Green approach to save energy consumed by software *Hayri Acar, Gülfem Alptekin, Jean-Patrick Gelas and Parisa Ghodous ICT4S
P2 A living lab campus: A unique opportunity to not be a "smart city" *Oliver Bates, Adrian Friday and Harry Hoster ICT4S
P3 An operation and business model to exchange and open environmental data *Su-Mei Huang and Yu-Chi Chu EnviroInfo
P4 Civic Capacity and Sustainability in a Chinese City *Xinning Gui and Bonnie Nardi ICT4S
P5 Classification of consumption data for energy management with Smart Metering Alexander Domnik, Sven Ertelt, Florian Steckel, Fabian Witthaus and *Grit Behrens EnviroInfo
P6 Consequences of future data centre deployment on North American electricity generation and environmental impacts: a 2015–2030 prospective study *Thomas Dandres, Nathan Vandromme, Glasha Obrekht, Andy Wong, Kim Khoa Nguyen, Yves Lemieux, Mohamed Cheriet and Réjean Samson ICT4S
P7 DC4Cities: Better Usage of the Renewable Energies in Data Centres *Corentin Dupont and Fabien Hermenier ICT4S
P8 Defining Green Profit in Distributed Datacenters *Fereydoun Farrahi Moghaddam, Reza Farrahi Moghaddam, Mohamed Cheriet, Yves Lemieux ICT4S
P9 Does having a green conscience necessarily lead to green outcomes? Results from an Agent Based Model for agriculture in Luxembourg *Tomas Navarrete Gutierrez, Sameer Rege and Antonino Marvuglia EnviroInfo
P10 an ecosystem for traceable reuse of digital devices in a circular economy David Franquesa, Oscar Fabian Espinosa Servin, *Xavier Bustamante, Leandro Navarro and David López ICT4S
P11 Estimating the carbon footprint of watching video from the BBC *Daniel Schien, Chris Preist and Jigna Chandaria ICT4S
P12 Feature extraction to characterise and cluster the energy demand of UK retail premises *Ramon Granell, David Wallom and Colin Axon ICT4S
P13 Guidance on applying Green ICT in Higher Education and Research *Albert Hankel and Patricia Lago EnviroInfo
P14 The Role of Practices in the ICT Revolution. Crucial Social Processes from a Sustainability Point of View *Greger Henriksson and Elina Eriksson ICT4S
P15 Information bottlenecks for local strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions *Sofia Bryntse and *Cecilia Sundberg ICT4S
P16 Monitor and protect future potential Giant Panda habitats and staple bamboo resources by applying Geographic Information System (GIS) application combined with Cellular Automata (CA) modeling *Ruo Jia and Ye Gao EnviroInfo
P17 Phone-based presentation of other commuters’ subjective experiences: impact on car-driver intentions *Luis Oliveira, Andrea Burris, Tracy Ross, Vera Araujo-Soares and Bronia Arnott ICT4S
P18 Pymrio - a python module for automating input output calculations and generating reports *Konstantin Stadler EnviroInfo
P19 Quick Wins in existing Data Centers - Evaluation of the OpenDCME Model *Anda Counotte, Gert Zuidberg and Dirk Harryvan ICT4S
P20 Repurposing E-waste as a Driver for Resource Efficiency *Damian Coughlan, Colin Fitzpatrick and Muireann McMahon EnviroInfo
P21 Sustainability Research in Computing: A Taxonomy *Etienne-Victor Depasquale and Chris Preist ICT4S
P22 Sustainable Electronics and IT *Ole Schultz and Peder M. Hundebøll ICT4S
P23 The German POP-DIOXIN-DATABASE - Data management of persistent organic substances in Germany Philipp Gärtner, *Gerlinde Knetsch EnviroInfo
P24 Towards energy-efficient data center infrastructure – a holistic approach based on software for modeling, simulation, and (re)configuration of the energy network Torsten Wilde, *Tanja Clees, Hayk Shoukourian, Horst Schwichtenberg, Inna Torgovitskaia, Michael Schnell, Nils Hornung, Bernhard Klaaßen, Eric Lluch Alvare and Detlef Labrenz ICT4S
P25 Who? Me? – Responsibility and the e-waste challenge. *Barbara Krumay, Roman Brandtweiner and Roman Müller ICT4S

Best poster winners


The German POP-DIOXIN-DATABASE - Data management of persistent organic substances in Germany

Philipp Gärtner, Gerlinde Knetsch


Estimating the carbon footprint of watching video from the BBC

Daniel Schien, Chris Preist and Jigna Chandaria