Guidelines for submissions

Guidelines for submissions to the joint EnviroInfo and ICT4S conference 2015.

Research papers should present original research not currently under review elsewhere, and should be a full version of the paper, of length up to 6500 words or 10 pages, formatted using the template provided – a form which will later also be used during publication.

Application papers are primarily intended for non-academic organisations to describe and critically evaluate prototypes, products and case studies based on their experiences. Submission can be either in the form of an extended abstract, or a full paper (if publication is intended). The extended abstract should be min. 500 words. Extended abstracts must use the same template provided for research papers. If a final version shall be published, full papers are required, which must follow the timing and form of research papers. Presentations at the conference can be based on either the full paper or the extended abstract submission.

Posters will be reviewed based on an extended abstract of 500 – 800 words and must use the template provided for papers.
Posters should be prepared in A0 format, meaning a maximum width of 841mm/33.11 inches and a maximum height of 1189mm/46.81 inches. We advise you to prepare a poster in potrait format (ie. “standing up”). There are no requirements on fonts, font sizes, logos or other matters concerning the layout. In contrast to a paper, a poster is to present your research through visual elements such as diagrams, figures, flow charts, tables etc. rather than in text. Keep the text to a mimimum. “Bullet points” are better than sentences. Also make sure that you use a font size that will make it readale at some distance. Here is a suggestion to point you in the right direction:

  • Title: 85pt
  • Authors: 56pt
  • Sub-headings: 36pt
  • Body text: 24pt
  • Captions: 18pt

Accepted posters should be brought to to the conference printed. We will provide a board with pins.

A series of workshops will be held in conjunction with EnviroInfo & ICT4S 2015 Conference to facilitate the creation and exchange of ideas between academia, industry, and government participants. Workshops provide a setting for presenting challenges to researchers and practitioners as well as working together with experts in the field to overcome those challenges. Workshops will be held on Sunday 6th September (full-day workshops) and on Wednesday 9th September (half-day workshops/afternoon) i.e. before and after the main conference. Shorter workshops (1.5 hrs) will also take place during the main conference. Workshops will be reviewed based on the workshop proposal guidelines. Please see details at the bottom of this page.

Figures and drawings

Drawings, figures, and tables should include figure labels and scale markers and have to be placed into the paper as formatted in the template.

Color figures may be used, and will be reproduced as such in the electronic version; however, in the hard copy, these figures may be reproduced as grayscale images.


All submissions of papers and abstracts need to be converted to pdf format before submission.

Abstracts for application papers and posters and workshops can be submitted directly in the link given below.