About the conference

505x178-bogThe steering committees of the EnviroInfo and ICT4S conference series have decided to hold a joint conference to facilitate ‘within-the-domain’ exchange as well as to create a space for developing synergies between the two communities.

This should contribute to strengthen international, national and regional research and cooperation as well as to develop the knowledge base for Europe’s 7th Environmental Action Programme and the transition towards sustainable development.

The knowledge base builds upon high-quality data, adequate and relevant analyses and up-to-date and timely information through open and transparent sharing. All this requires information and communication technologies to ensure adequate actions and contribute to a transition towards sustainable development. Scientific data is key to complement government and citizen generated sources – various integration aspects call for discussion.

On the occasion of the conference, the European Environment Agency’s State of the Environment Report 2015 will be presented, and various aspects highlighted in the report will be discussed. In addition, worldwide state of the art information processing for environmental sustainability will be exchanged among experts from the information and communication technology and environmental communities.

Based on previous success from the ICT4S 2014 Conference regarding the format for presenting scientific papers, it has been decided that at the joint conference this year, a similar format will be incorporated for one day. The format, titled ConverStations, supports more interactive interaction and discussion, and will be guided by the experienced conference facilitator Peter Woodward. The program committee will allocate presentations accordingly.